the roundtable workshop.

the roundtable art group held it's first workshop yesterday at the fresh brewed coffee house in myrtle beach. turnout was solid and there was a nice, laid back atmosphere. most of the event was built around the basics of figure drawing with a live model. we did have some artists sketching throughout, and there was a good mix of traditional and digital art as well. it's very nice to see a push towards education for artists outside of school or work in what essentially amounts to a tourist town. the group will be throwing workshops once a month and the hope is to make each one larger and better than the last, based on feedback and trial and error.

there were plenty of professionals and instructors in attendance including ruth cox, matt "six" bahr, rick spivey and steve haines. notable amateur shanna powers represented the digital community by working in photoshop and displayed some great drawings for everyone to enjoy. special thanks to crystal gault for modeling and showing great professionalism ( and dealing with all of our pickiness ). i had a blast and i can't wait till next month.

dungeon and dragon magazine.

i was fortunate enough this year to do some commissions for wizards of the coast. i couldn't have managed anything decent without the guidance and critiques of my fellow studio members, especially jeffrey koch and adam paquette. they usually never shy away from telling me how much i'm screwing up. so thanks!